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The Queen’s Park and Botanic Gardens, Toowoomba was gazetted as a public reserve in 1869. It was not until the mid 1870s that the Queens Park and Botanic Gardens were established as separate, but related, entities on this land. Queens Park was intended as a place of public recreation and the Botanic Gardens as a place for botanic research. Urban public parks became a popular vehicle for 19th century movements concerned with public health – the park provided a place for the outdoor recreation of those unable to afford private gardens and improved the environment of crowded central city and town areas. Botanic Gardens were started as part of an increasing interest in scientific understanding of the natural world. In 1873 the Council was granted £200 for the development of Queens Park, £500 in 1874. The development of the Botanic Gardens continued in the 1890s with the construction of several buildings, including a curator’s cottage, kiosk, bandstand and, in 1900, a zoo on the southern boundary of the park. It is now the show piece of Toowoomba.