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Picnic Point Toowoomba In 1888 the citizens of Toowoomba and surrounding districts petitioned Henry Jordan, the Minister of Lands to convey in perpetuity to the Municipal Council in Trust for the inhabitants of Toowoomba and district and to be devoted solely for the purpose of a public park, approximately 2,000 acres (810 ha) of Main Range escarpment lands, at the time designated within the Toowoomba Town Common. The reserve at Picnic Point and the escarpment area below it were included in the lands identified by this petition. The petitioners described the land as follows, “…a piece of land replete with beauty, and full of picturesque effects, such as, are most charming to the eye, and gratifying to the lover of landscape variety, – grassy slopes and rugged mountain gullies, clothed with verdant scrubs, and down which flow rippling streams from natural springs. The view down the 700m slope of Brisbane is breathtaking. A man built waterfall cascading into a garden filled pond is a feature and a relaxing peaceful experience.