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Arrival and Departure Details

Arrival and Departure Details​

Pick Up Points

Jonno’s Tours offers a courtesy shuttle pick up service

 for all our associated tours. Pick up time by arrangement.

* Brisbane Suburbs Radius;

Pick up point is your address.
From the CBD, West to Ipswich, North to Lutwich, East to Morningside, South to Beenleigh

*Outer areas Train Station;

Pick up point; Ipswich Station, Lutwich Station, Morningside Station, Beenleigh Station

* Makerston St Brisbane City

Opposite Roma Transit Centre
Pick up between 8-9am Pick up 6pm on Friday
Returning at 5.30pm on completion day

*Oaks Hotel Brisbane City;

Pickup for all tours between 8-9am


 Late arrivals can be arranged at your own convenience. Trains and taxis to the city are
readily available at the airport. iStay address; 79 Albert Street Brisbane City Contact iStay Hotel;
30170800 for late check in. Contact Jonno; 0422980128 for assistance. Guests may arrive or depart
for extra days by their own arrangements.

* Brisbane Airport

Bus bay B on Bus Road  

Flights must arrive no later than 5pm on Friday.

Returning at 6pm on completion day

*Tour requirements;

Guests are advised to wear suitable footwear for eco tourism events.
Sunglasses and hats are recommended and during winter a jumper or a coat.
All Jonno’s Tours vehicles are air conditioned.
Water is available on the tour bus and refills are accepted.
There is no smoking, food consumption nor alcohol permitted in any vehicle.
All tours are non strenuous and assistance will be given for those in need.
We take every precaution during your tour for your safe return.
Jonno 0422980128